Social Health and Care

Talks are held to cover all important health issues, e.g. dementia, diabetes, heart health, osteoporosis and health related services provided by statutory and voluntary organisations. We also update our members about the changing health regulations. We work closely with GPs, hospitals and other associate day centres. The local police uses Milaap as a walk-in surgery, wherein our members are encouraged to share any problems or fears they have with the police.


Our staff and committee members are all enthusiastic and friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. They try their best to support the members who are house-bound/hospitalised through illness, by visiting them and providing emergency services. 

Buddy Club

We also organise Buddy Club on Wednesdays for the members. The club brings together members from different backgrounds, cultures and interests to participate in fun activities


Activities we carry out at the centre include Bingo, Bollywood Dancing, Card Games, English Classes. Knitting/Crochet, Meetings, Social Activities, Talks (on a variety of topics) and Yoga. We also organise trips to historical sites, temples, cinemas and shopping trips to Wembley. Some activities are only done on certain days (i.e. Yoga only takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Freshly Prepared Meals

We prepare delicious, nutritious and fresh meals every day, most of them deriving from Asia, giving the members a homely and nostalgic feel. The cost of a vegetarian meal is £3.50 and non-vegetarian is £4.00. Food can also be purchased as a take-away at a cost of £5.00.

Transport Service

We provide a safe and comfortable door-to-door 'pickup and drop' service required by our members. A subsidised cost for a round trip each day is £2.50

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