Milaap Multicultural Day Centre is a registered charity based in the Royal Borough of Kingston. We are a unique multicultural day centre for senior citizens that provides a culturally sensitive atmosphere and ethos. We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and provide a large variety of special activities that reflect our rich cultures and heritages for our member's entertainment. Milaap also ensures that it provides food that caters to the needs of each member.



  • To provide a friendly social day care for older people from a diverse multicultural background


  • To provide mentally and physically stimulation activities and to encourage an overall feeling of wellbeing


  • To promote integration amongst different backgrounds and cultures


  • To raise awareness on current social and health issues


  • To provide specialist care with regard to health, advice and counselling


  • To provide freshly cooked hot vegetarian lunch.


  • To provide door to door transport via RAKAT Ltd bus


  • To provide interpreters (in asian languages) for internal and external agency needs


  • To provide a shopping service whenever needed