Information and Advice

We provide holistic services for our members, advise them on other services accessible to them (dial a ride/taxi card/benefits) and we can give information on how to manage accounts and budget their money efficiently. We also offer to negotiate with organisations, such as hospitals, on behalf of members with restricted communication skills. Translation services, both verbal and written, are available for many Asian languages.


We conduct spoken english classes. There is a buddies club, in which we hold mental activities and games, enhancing their knowledge and preventing/delaying the onset of dementia.

Advocacy Service

We provide a friendly, non-judgemental advisory service for any personal problems. In some cases, we refer to specialised organistaions/agencies depending on the circumstances.


We have a trained counsellor on board, who is ever ready to give advice and support.

Benefits Advice

We cover all the aspects of benefit sevice from information to form-filling and applying for benefits. 

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